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Re: Bibletime encoding problem

I normally use English, Afrikaans, Greek, Hebrew, German and Dutch.  None of those work.

I had no problems with Xiphos until it was removed from Debian Testing recently and few years ago with Bibletime.

And @Cindy-Sue, yes I did use apt-cache (or wajig) to search for unicode fonts.


On 8 September 2014 02:36, Joel Rees <joel.rees@gmail.com> wrote:

2014/09/08 5:02 "Johann Spies" <johann.spies@gmail.com>:
> OK I have read the FAQ on the Bibletime  website and according to it I You have to install an unicode font like Code2000, Arial Unicode MS or Bitstream Cyberbit to display the special unicode characters.
> I can find none of the fonts mentioned in the example amongst the available fonts in debian, and I have many fonts available including ttf-unifont, nifont, xfonts-iunifont, the Libertine O family of fonts and many others.
> I have tried by configuring Bibletime to use some of these fonts, but that did not resolve the problem.

Well, might I ask, what languages and what texts are you trying to display and work in?

Afrikaans should not require a lot of extra characters. Chinese, on the other hand, does.

Joel Rees

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