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Re: systemd support for init level use case

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014 at 7:44 PM, Gregory Seidman
<gsslist+debian@anthropohedron.net> wrote:
> I'm on stable, but I'm reading the threads about systemd and I want to be
> prepared for the next stable release. I run a RAID1 with an encryption loop
> and LVM on top of that for my home directories and a number of data volumes
> (i.e. nothing system-critical like /usr or /var).
> I boot into init level 2, which does not bring up the RAID, much less
> encryption, LVM, or mounted filesystems. I then log in as root on the
> console and run a script to bring up the additional filesystems,
> particularly the encryption. This requires interaction to supply the
> password. Once the filesystems are mounted, the script runs /sbin/telinit 3
> to start additional services which depend on those filesystems (apache2,
> exim4, fetchmail, etc.).
> I don't always want to bring everything up, and I certainly don't want boot
> to hang on user input waiting for the encryption password. Does systemd
> have some init level equivalent? Should I be modeling my script as several
> custom systemd services (which are not automatically started), including
> some virtual service that depends on all the ones I'm currently bringing up
> as init level 3?
> Note that I am not complaining about the upcoming switch to systemd, just
> trying to understand and prepare for the implications for my particular
> needs.

You can create a target (basicboot.target?) and make that your default
either with "systemd.unit=basicboot.target" on the kernel cmdline of
by symlinking it to "default.target".

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