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Re: Jessie early boot failure: "/sbin/init exists but couldn't execute it (error -8)" (initrd corrupt?)

On Sat 26 Jul 2014 at 16:14:15 +0200, Gregor Hoffleit wrote:

> I also tried to add "break=init" to the command line, but it had no
> effect at all.
> Also, specifying a different init ("init=/sbin/init.sysvinit") had
> no effect at all.

I think that should be "init=/sbin/init". You could also try

> Am I right that these options have no effect during the initrd.img
> phase?
> I would be glad if somebody could give me a few hints where to start
> with this problem.
> I would appreciate any hints!

A d-i image such as the netinst one has a rescue mode which could help
in any repairs to your machine.

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