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Re: Main Menu

On Tuesday 22 July 2014 14:54:05 Emil Payne wrote:
> Right clicking on the Main Menu icon brings up the Edit Menu program.
> However, once in there, it will only allow me to (un)check items, delete
> items or add items. it will not allow me to mover items up or down or to
> move to another section. My main thing is I want them alphabetized. Some
> installed programs go in the right slot and some are tacked on to the
> bottom of the list. Plus, my Others section has a ton of stuff that
> needs to be categorized properly. I've tried reinstalling, via synaptic,
> every "menu" entry installed, but that hasn't helped. It's been this way
> for at least a month or two. Debian Wheeze using Gnome Classic.

Why are we being inundated with these?  3 in 7 minutes!!  One is gernerally 


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