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Re: Lenny -> Squeeze -> Wheezy; no eth0 on Squeeze reboot

On 20/07/2014 19:08, Sven Joachim wrote:
It looks like the ifupdown package was removed during the upgrade.
Reinstall it and the network should come back after "ifup eth0".

Sven, thanks, cannot fetch over the network, but found ifupdown deb file on a Squeeze CD. I think it's on an XFCE install CD (Squeeze), as well.

Method 1: But Plugging in a USB CD-ROM isn't recognised on this (not quite working) Squeeze installation, so cannot copy the ifupdown deb onto the machine to install it ifupdown. (This may be a symptom of USB problems; the documentation regarding this upgrade sequence warned of that.)

Method 2: Also found a Squeeze XFCE boot CD, which I have managed to boot from and, in 'Rescue' mode, have assembled the RAID1 and have a shell in my incomplete Squeeze root filesystem. But I cannot seem to change directory to the installation CD; I had hoped to copy the ifupdown-xxx.deb file to the root, /, on the partially-working Squeeze system, and then reboot the partially-working Squeeze and simply install ifupdown from /. But I cannot see or browse the filesystem on the XFCE installation CD. From this shell, I cannot seem to run mc, either. ls does list the top level directories that I'd expect to see, so I do seem to be running the shell in the correct filesystem.

Method 3: There doesn't seem to be any trace of the Lenny ifupdown (in case that might be re-installable) on the machine - for example, /var/cache/apt is empty.

In summary, I've 2 CDs with ifupdown.deb on; the partial-Squeeze system doesn't see a USB CD-ROM, but booting from an XFCE install CD works, and I can run a rescue shell. Is there some way I might copy ifupdown.deb from that onto the partial-Squeeze filesystem?

regards, Ron

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