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Re: Is this safe?? Chrome in Debian 6

On 07/18/2014 01:51 AM, Gábor Hársfalvi wrote:
> Dear List,
> I'd like to know if using Google Chrome is safe nowadays.
> Because I couldn't update to the latest version since Google ended
> supporting the Debian 6. :(
> I wouldn't update to Wheezy - because I waiting for Jessy.

I don't know what version of Google Chrome you are using, but usually
every new version fixes some security issues.

In my opinion you can easily upgrade to Debian 7 and wait for Jessie
what will be released next year (2015).

On the other hand you can use Chromium and upgrade to Jessie (current
testing) if you don't need flash plugin and if you use opensource video
driver for X server.



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