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networked multi-function colour laser printers


Perhaps someone here has already solved this:

I have wasted another 20 hours trying to get sane (or anything that
scans) to see a networked Samsung CLX-4195FN. And this is s journey I
have travelled before with a B+W Brother MFP which ran for a few years
under various flavours of Debian with the help of endless playing with
the drivers provided by Brother.  Samsung also provide drivers, and I
have had the machine operating under Arch and Debian Stable for some
months.  But I need to run sid to have later versions of other software,
hence my current predicament.  I need to replace the Samsung with
something that really will run under sid.  I am looking for a colour
laser MFC  (no need for fax).  It must be networked (ethernet is fine,
though wifi would be ok), and modestly priced -- small business model,
say in the £200-400 range.

I see that HP and OKI both claim to offer Linux drivers, for example.
The sane-project.org website never has the current models, however, so I
would like to hear any positive experience others have had before buying
another expensive failure.



Richard Lyons

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