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RE: odd behavior of eth0 on a laptop

Hello Bzzz,

>> Of course it is possible.
>> Your problem lies elsewhere.
> Well, the term may be wrong (more an arp confusion or an arp poisoning detection somewhere? As I could arping but do nothing in TCP (or even IP, don't know)).
> dhcpd refuses to have 2 fixed IP addresses the same for 2 different MACs in its conf.

Aha, do you mean to say that you are running your own DHCP server? 
Indeed it seems isc-dhcp-server does not like it that there are 2 different host declarations with the same ip address. It perceives this as a potential error as IT cannot know that YOU know those 2 assignments will never be used at the same time.

> Still, since I switched to two different IP addresses for wired & wifi, the problem's fully gone.
> Nothing (network) was tweaked from wheezy installation to sid migration.
> The original network manager conf was manual for wired and DHCP for wifi.

In which case the dhcp server config would never see the potential conflict.
Your original "answer" to your problem was:
> I'm responding myself: it is not possible to have the same IP address for both wired ethernet & wifi.
And that is partialy correct, it is not possible to use them at the same time. However, how you configure the ip setup is another thing. In your case using 2 different addresses may indeed be the best solution.

Bonno Bloksma

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