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Re: I'm not a huge fan of systemd

On Sun, 2014-07-06 at 16:34 +0100, Brian wrote:
On Sun 06 Jul 2014 at 14:54:06 +0100, Martin Read wrote:

> On 06/07/14 00:10, The Wanderer wrote:
> > Can you run systemd without logind or journald?
> I can't quickly find an answer, so I'll leave answering that one to
> someone else.

Disable at boot time:

   systemctl mask systemd-logind
   systemctl mask systemd-journald

Possibly relevant:


      ....we will not accept patches that make the minimal core
      components optional, i.e. systemd itself, journald and udevd. 

cite from 'man systemctl':
disable NAME...
           Disables one or more units. This removes all symlinks to the specified unit files from the unit configuration directory, and hence
           undoes the changes made by enable. Note however that this removes all symlinks to the unit files (i.e. including manual additions), not
           just those actually created by enable. This call implicitly reloads the systemd daemon configuration after completing the disabling of
           the units. Note that this command does not implicitly stop the units that are being disabled. If this is desired, an additional stop
           command should be executed afterwards.

           This command will print the actions executed. This output may be suppressed by passing --quiet.

           This command honors --system, --user, --runtime, --global in a similar way as enable.

       is-enabled NAME...
           Checks whether any of the specified unit files are enabled (as with enable). Returns an exit code of 0 if at least one is enabled,
           non-zero otherwise. Prints the current enable status (see table). To suppress this output, use --quiet.

           Table 1.  is-enabled output
           │Printed string    │ Meaning                              │ Return value │
           │"enabled"         │ Enabled through a symlink in .wants  │              │
           ├──────────────────┤ directory (permanently or just in    │ 0            │
           │"enabled-runtime" │ /run)                                │              │
           │"linked"          │ Made available through a symlink to  │              │
           ├──────────────────┤ the unit file (permanently or just   │ 1            │
           │"linked-runtime"  │ in /run)                             │              │
           │"masked"          │ Disabled entirely (permanently or    │              │
           ├──────────────────┤ just in /run)                        │ 1            │
           │"masked-runtime"  │                                      │              │
           │"static"          │ Unit is not enabled, but has no      │ 0            │
           │                  │ provisions for enabling in [Install] │              │
           │                  │ section                              │              │
           │"disabled"        │ Unit is not enabled                  │ 1            │
so the systemd will disable the service with 'systemctl desabled foobar.service' or we should/have to use 'systemctl masked foobar.service'?
just notify you all, disabled != masked according to dictionary and my logic.

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