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Re: copy new backup file from different locations

On Tue, 8 Jul 2014 16:00:30 +0500
Muhammad Yousuf Khan <sirtcp@gmail.com> wrote:

> i have five server creating different format files for backup on
> daily basis. i keep 1 month archive in the folder and delete all
> the old files prior to 1 month. and i have to do it manually. i
> want this to be automated. i have created a script which is
> working fine but i need backup softwares like bacula or backuppc
> do this for me. can i do this, because i dont wana backup i
> actually wont to copy and bring all the data to centralized
> network folder and it should ignore all the old file and only
> select new file from the backup list. please help

Use bacukppc, it'll do all of that and more (unattended
backups, integrated http svr usable by users (or not),
hardlinking unmodified files (dramatically reducing the
size of all backups), auto management of backups (no need
to restore a full one, just restore the file/whole day 
you want), backups compression during night, etc).

It is easy to configure (you might have to change the disks
formatting options (more inodes), though), and _very_ easy
to use.
The kind of software you totally forget :)

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