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Re: Clone GPT partition table - with Lenny ?

On Sun, 06 Jul 2014 13:41:15 -0700
Matt Ventura <mattventura@mattventura.net> wrote:

> You don't need to know, you just use dd over the entire disk (i.e.
> sda instead of sda1).

> Just to be clear, you're trying to copy the entire disk with all
> its partitions, right?

I think you also read too fast, apparently he just wanna
have the same partition table.

Which RAID doesn't care, eg:
dsk0 partition = 100 (sectors, GB, whatever)
dsk1     "     = 101 or 4242.42 

RAID will only pick 100 on dsk1 partition to achieve
its work.
This was mandatory from the very beginning, as HDz,
even from the same brand, had not the same number
of heads, track , etc .

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