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New 64bit install. More problems.

1. /var/mail/usermail very large, containing hundreds of messages. Should only have 10-20. This file serves a dovecot imap server and messages have been read and deleted. What is going on here? Especially since the installer gives a very (too) small /var partition. (Looks as if /opt, /usr/local and possibly /var/mail may be moved to that oversized home partition and rbinded.)

2. No user can access KDE any more. Upgraded something that showed no error (used reportbug-ng to check since apt-llistbugs is broken) and now, no kdm login can access the dbus. Screen just blinks and returns to login. kdm.log cites the dbus problem in "K*time*zones", kgreet, whatever. Newer kdm did not help. I will check the bug listings for them, however. Meanwhile, KDE unusable but command line is fine.

3. System no longer halts ... says it halted but I need to manually cause the power to cut off. Maybe related. Packages I suspected were removed but not at fault.

I am beginning to think that the Debian installer is good if one simply uses it and leaves it be, the snapshot as presented. I am used to having an up-to-date Sid box but apparently cannot upgrade to this in an orderly manner. (For all the rants, I started out way back when with Knoppix and upgraded and upgraded with very few catastrophes!) Hope I am wrong about this, that fixed packages will be around tomorrow or soon.

4. Systemd is turning a lot of heads and postings. Yes, indeed, the bootup and shutdown are lightning quick!! No more "starts" and "stops" of the good old days. I do not understand how this indeed works but it apparently does. I hope :-)‭‮
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