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Re: sudo path

On 03/07/14 23:01, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Tony van der Hoff wrote:
>> Klaus wrote:
>>> Tony van der Hoff wrote:
>>>> Can anyone please tell me where $PATH is set for sudo with wheezy?
>>>> It seems that my sudoer has no access to /sbin on one of my machines,
>>>> but does on others, with a seemingly identical installation.
>>>> Thanks, Tony.
>>> Does your sudoers file set the secure_path variable? From man sudoers:
>> Thanks for the reply, Klaus. No, it doesn't. Furthermore, sudoers is
>> identical on the failing system to that on the working system.
> This is one of those gotchas that was released for Wheezy 7.
> Pre-Wheezy there was no secure_path line.  In version 1.8.2 the
> following change was made:

[snip: excellent explanation]

Thank you so much, Bob. I changed my sudoers to the package version, and
moved my modified sudoers to sudoers.d. That fixed it for me. I've never
actually used visudo, anyway.

I still don't understand why sudo works on two systems (both upgraded
from squeeze) but not on the third (bare metal wheezy installation), but
there you go. I've now applied the fix to all three, so the problem's
gone away :)

Thanks again.

Cheers, Tony

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