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Re: sudo path

On 03/07/14 12:16, Tony van der Hoff wrote:
> Can anyone please tell me where $PATH is set for sudo with wheezy?
> It seems that my sudoer has no access to /sbin on one of my machines,
> but does on others, with a seemingly identical installation.
> Thanks, Tony.

Does your sudoers file set the secure_path variable? From man sudoers:

> secure_path   Path used for every command run from sudo.  If you
> don't trust the people running sudo to have a sane PATH environment
> variable you may want to use this.  Another use is if you want to
> have the “root path” be separate from the “user path”.  Users in the
> group specified by the exempt_group option are not affected by
> secure_path.  This option is not set by default.


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