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[SOLVED] Re: Bug in mediathekview?

Hi Reo!
> And this proves it. This is definitely wrong, anyone should be able to
> execute dpkg.
Yeah, I already that this was the problem. I downloaded the package "dpkg" 
again and looked into. So I saw the wrong permissions. 
> BTW, to check 'stock' file permissions that should be set on a package
> install, one can use dpkg-deb. In this case:
Yes, this is working well. Thze other way is, to download the package using 
apt or aptitude, then look into with midnight commander. MC can look into 
packages. I am an old "Norton Commander guy" from DOS times. :)

The problem is solved. It is still not quite clear for me, why dpkg is causing 
the problem on an installed package, but I see this problem as solved.

Thank you very much for your help!

> Reco

Best regards


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