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parallel perl (was Re: Problems installing Perl modules with CPAN on Wheezy)

Joel Roth's post on /usr/local reminded me of something about using
cpan and perl.

I used to use perl on Mac OS X. About the first word of advice we used
to give on the Mac OS X perl mail list was, do NOT overwrite the
system perl. Install another perl interpreter separately, in parallel
with the system perl, in /usr/local or /opt or such. Use the #! line
in your scripts to point to the interpreter for your separately
installed perl. Then you can have an up-to-date perl and use cpan and
not worry about messing up the system's perl. (You just have to then
remember to keep the perl stuff up to date yourself.)

If you really need to use modules available only from SPAN, (not
available or wrong version in the distro repositories), that would be
what you would want to do here in debian, as well.

Joel Rees

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