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Re: Virtualized desktop

On 06/28/2014 04:52 AM, Jimmy Thrasibule wrote:
I'm looking to renew my hardware and I'm wondering how Debian can help
me to virtualize my desktop environment.
My first go was to have 2 Intel NUC and 2 screens, one NUC more stable
and one I can play with. I want to use both screens with both
computers so this implies to also have two KVMs.
Then came the idea to virtualize everything. Make both computers a
hypervisor cluster (using Xen or KVM) and run all systems virtualized.
But at which point can this be done for desktop system?

I use VirtualBox to run 3 servers and 1 desktop on an i7-2600s, 8 GB RAM, SSD system drive, and two ZFS mirrored HDD's for data. I ran dual head 1600x1200 => 3200x1200 for a while, and seem to recall that the desktop VM saw it as one big monitor when running full-screen. I briefly had a single 27" 2560x1440 monitor and this was the best I've ever seen. My only regret is that my motherboard and RAM are not ECC:




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