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Re: Should I install chkrootkit?

* Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> [2014-06-08 18:16]:
> On Sb, 07 iun 14, 22:23:12, Jerry Stuckle wrote:
> > 
> > I agree signing would help - but you're right, I don't know who many
> > people's public keys are - either here or anywhere else.
> Joining Debian's Web of Trust would be a very good starting point, 
> especially since we are using Debian ;)

<off topic  - my apologies but I will keep it short>

I think there needs to be a discussion about habits like this that seem to 
proliferate with users within the IT to be less considerate of others. The
added complexity that these are all just bits and bytes takes away sometimes
from the dehumanizing results of what happens. This happens daily in the OSS
realm especially. Come on to IRC on any channel, you will see this first hand. 
Other projects (*BSD also suffer the wrath of some devs who seem to lack taste).

Last week, someone on IRC sent something in spite as a prank to someone I know 
in real life. The nature of IRC being as it is, not only did this actions of 
their invade my privacy, it also harmed my reputation in real life. In an 
unfortunate series of events, this one line of email has caused a lot of harm
to many (incl. him loosing his position at work it seems).

I have seen a remarkable ego prevalent in IT. In fact, unlike other professions
within IT; you either know it or your don't. So it breeds this level of intellectual 
dick measuring contest. Its unfortunate, tedious and frankly childish. Yet, its 
acceptable because they are a genius say in one aspect of IT. I disagree. In 2014,
when one can go to prison for saying incredibly hateful or disturbing things on say
Facebook or twitter, why is it that within IT circles -- with talented individuals
tolerate this person's hatred simply because they are talented.

In any case I found myself in very difficult place this week where my online life and real
life collided and caused harm that seems to affect many, including mine.

And it made me think - IT professionals, especially ones I know are incredibly
good at certain things. And yet, they can go to such extents that harm so much as shown in the
thread and recently with my experience. 

Yes being talented is always good. Being able to translate this talent and teach to others
is what made us human and advanced us. However hatred in any form especially when I am seeing
others on this list having to measures such as GPG keys to ensure their credibility only 
highlights the troubling and underlying issue of narcissism, bullying and ultimately attempts
to affect reputation. All to prove some dumb zealous point of some sort.


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