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Re: System_d biting CUPS

On Sat 07 Jun 2014 at 13:23:03 +0200, Siard wrote:

> It's just a locally connected printer. CUPS worked (after booting with
> systemd) until some upgrade, a few weeks ago.

This clarifies matters. 

> After booting with SysVinit:
> $ lpstat -a
> HL5240 accepting requests since vr 28 jun 2013 19:08:19 CEST
> PDF accepting requests since ma 05 apr 2010 22:49:03 CEST
> HL5240 (Brother) is the connected printer.
> PDF refers to cups-pdf.
> However, after booting with systemd:
> $ lpstat -a
> lpstat: Bad file descriptor

To make progress I think we might need the outputs of 

   systemctrl status cups

before and after running 'lpstat -a' when the init is systemd. 

Also, please attach your cupsd.conf and cupsd-systemd-listen.conf to any
further post you make.

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