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Systemd biting CUPS

For a couple of weeks now, printing with CUPS does not work in Jessie
after booting with systemd.
However: after booting with SysVinit, everything works fine.

With systemd, upgrading showed lots of errors concerning CUPS.
The problem is described here:
Those errors have gone lately, but printing still doesn't work with
systemd, even though the site mentions that it should be fixed in
CUPS 1.7.1-11, whilst CUPS in Jessie is already at 1.7.2-3.

E.g., LibreOffice sees no printers, it only lists a 'generic printer'
and the CUPS interface at http://localhost:631 is unreachable.

It strikes me that I have not seen it mentioned in this list yet.
Doesn't it affect others and is there perhaps an easy solution that
I'm missing?

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