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Re: When bug fixes are applied on stable ?

On 2014-06-05, Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
> My best advice is to use one of the other xdm programs such as lightdm
> which does not suffer from that problem.  Give lightdm a try and you
> might find it superior to gdm3.  I did.
>   apt-get install lightdm

I asked myself, "How do you change the default display manager?" because
I didn't know how, having little know-how; first I suspected the
modification might be made through the update-alternatives system, but
apparently not.

dpkg-reconfigure gdm3

seems to be the way to do it from what I've read so far. Maybe there's
more than one way to skin this cat (I love cats by the way and no
actual animals were damaged or maligned writing this post).

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