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Re: Ezoic and debianhelp.co.uk

I really don't want to be a pain, but I really do think that your site is a perfect fit for our website improvement system. Whether you're interested or not, just let me know either way.

Nacim Benni
Informational Site Specialist
Phone: 1 760-487-8931
Linkedin Profile : www.linkedin.com/in/nacimbenni

Hi Debian,

We are a venture capital-backed, California-based tech company.

We are in the process of recruiting websites such as debianhelp.co.uk for our beta program.

Based on data collected from over 600 participating sites, our scientifically optimized websites earn 2-3x more revenue and users spend upwards of 35% more time on the site.

This opportunity is by invitation only. Please get back to me if you are interested in a free 2-week trial of Ezoic for debianhelp.co.uk.

Nacim Benni
Informational Site Specialist
Ezoic Inc.

Phone: 1 760-487-8931
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nacimbenni
Twitter: @ezoic
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ezoic

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