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Re: cryptsetup problem

Bob Proulx:
> Andrew McGlashan wrote:
>> [ 3839.679711] INFO: task kworker/3:3:392 blocked for more than 120 seconds.
> This message and the ones that follow seem the most concerning to me.
> First, I don't know.  If I were having those messages I would suspect
> that my hardware was having problems.  Or that the kernel was not
> driving the hardware correctly.  A bad kernel driver could do this.

ACK. Quoting the trace again:

[ 3839.679749] Call Trace:
[ 3839.679757]  [<ffffffffa00bfb2e>] ? wait_barrier+0xd7/0x118 [raid1]
[ 3839.679763]  [<ffffffff8103f6e2>] ? try_to_wake_up+0x197/0x197
[ 3839.679770]  [<ffffffffa00c298b>] ? make_request+0x111/0xa5b [raid1]
[ 3839.679777]  [<ffffffffa0135712>] ? crypto_aes_decrypt_x86+0x5/0x5 [aes_x86_64]
[ 3839.679784]  [<ffffffffa0135712>] ? crypto_aes_decrypt_x86+0x5/0x5 [aes_x86_64]
[ 3839.679791]  [<ffffffffa012523a>] ? encrypt+0x3f/0x44 [xts]
[ 3839.679803]  [<ffffffffa00d3d47>] ? md_make_request+0xee/0x1db [md_mod]

What I found interesting is that the kernel hangs at wait_barrier. I
only know the term "barrier" from filesystems. I googled a bit for
barrier+cryptsetup and barrier-md-raid but didn't find anything that

Searching for "kernel hang at wait_barrier" revelas a few kernel bugs
that might be related. I guess it's a software problem.

I am very intolerant with other drivers.
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