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Re: Crypt data "on the fly"

Le Mon, 2 Jun 2014 20:38:17 +0200,
Filip <filip@fbvnet.be> a écrit :

> I like to keep things simple.
> I just create encrypted archives on the local disk with dar
> and then push them remote server with rsync.
> Dar encrypts and compresses the data, slices it up in nice
> managable archive files, and keeps all extended attributes intact. I can
> also create incremental backups. You could do the same with tar but it
> would be a bit more complex.

I will check it out, require to double the space before upload.
Problem : I change a file, run DAR, it will slices data into new archive files, since that's binary, it will
rsync everything again, no ? I guess i will loose the "rsync granularity"...

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