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Two Graphics Cards and Hardware-Accelerated OpenGL

At the moment, I have to reboot to MS Windows in order to take full advantage of all three of the monitors on my desk, but I'd usually rather not boot to MS Windows.

I'd like to make it so that my monitor setup works as well under Debian.

The dock for my Dell laptop has two DVI ports and a VGA port. The two DVI ports are driven by an Nvidia graphics device, and the VGA port is driven by an Intel graphics device.

I have a monitor connected to each port.

Yes, I have been able to configure 'xorg.conf' to enable Xinerama, and I can then use all three monitors.

The problem is that, well, it's Xinerama, and so (1) I can't drag a window from one graphics subsystem to the other, and (2) OpenGL doesn't get hardware acceleration on every screen.

However, everything just seems to work in a unified way under MS Windows.

I have read that Wayland will enable the right solution.

Is this right?

If so, then is it possible, say, to run Debian unstable with KDE on top of Wayland rather than on top of X? That is, can I somehow get Wayland to unify the display produced by the two different graphics subsystems and then run something like KDE on top of it?

Even now, on Debian unstable?

Or is there another solution?

Thomas E. Vaughan

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