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Re: Post-installation: how to auto-configure network adapter (ie. enable internet access)?

On Sun 01 Jun 2014 at 17:01:04 -0700, Horatio Leragon wrote:

> Did you mean that at the console, tty1, I type the following command?
> sudo apt-get install network-manager
> The installed NetworkManager package will auto-configure my laptop computer for me?

It will get installed with Gnome and should be available from a menu.
> By the way I have a thorough look at "man interfaces". It contains
> heaps of commands and options but no examples for beginners on how to
> use them.

The final two paragraphs. The Debian Reference manual is in the
"Documentation" section on www.debian.org.
> Brian, not everyone has a computer science or IT degree.

That makes two of us.

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