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Re: no plugins under Chrome

Patrick Bartek wrote:
On Sat, 31 May 2014, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

I have been trying to get pipelight to run under Sid and Chrome, in order to use Netflix, to no avail, when I stumbled upon this:

Which says in effect release 34 removed the complete NPAPI plugin interface, so its not possible to use any other plugins (besides the integrated PepperFlash one) anymore.

That's Cnrome v35 that's without the NPAPI, not v34.  You need to
read more carefully.  Downgrading to v34 is the "fix."

v34 has the problem too, as per other bug mentioned in the report. I ran into tht when Sid upgraded to v34 on April 6 of this year.


If you need plugins other than PepperFlash, forget Chrome. Too bad.

I just updated to v. 35 a week or so ago, and just noticed today that
VLC and its plugin don't work, but do work in Iceweasel. Wondered what
happened. Now I know.


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