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Re: Remove unwanted, orphaned files and dependencies

On Sun 01 Jun 2014 at 05:49:24 -0700, Horatio Leragon wrote:

> I read somewhere on the internet that Debian discourages its users to
> use the 'aptitude' command. Debian encourages us to use the 'apt'
> command. Is that correct?

No. The context you probably saw that in is important.

> > $ aptitude search '~c'
> What is the equivalent 'apt' command?

Please see apt-cache(8).

> > $ aptitude purge '~c'

> The equivalent of the above using 'apt' command is.......?

Please see apt-get(8)
> > $ aptitude purge $(aptitude -F "%p" search '~g')
> And the equivalent of '$ aptitude purge $(aptitude -F "%p" search '~g')' using 'apt' command is.....................?

apt-get purge $(aptitude -F "%p" search '~g')

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