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Re: package recommendation for daily journal

On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 4:52 PM, lina <lina.lastname@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am looking for a package, which can act as a smart diary or journal to
> help me remember the records of small things, such as "obtain a licensed
> software, not installed yet", "uninstall the harden-client".

I just keep a text editor open all the time, as I'm a programmer; the
first tab is my current working file (saved as ~/cwf), and in that, I
keep all those sorts of notes. For example, the top of cwf on this
computer currently reads:

* Find an excuse to learn Cython.
* Deploy MOTD - maybe through MPN
* Dewey mail "Pigeon"
* Add another terabyte to huix:/video and move the burner to Ollie
* Look at Bernard's TTD and see if it's run from git. If it is, see if
my patches are there and can be format-patched.
* Learn the 2to3 parser and use it for source code transformation - cf
* Clip S'net GD "So ends my dream"

Sometimes, a low-tech solution is the easiest :)


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