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Re: package recommendation for daily journal


Dňa Sun, 1 Jun 2014 14:52:36 +0800 lina <lina.lastname@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> I am looking for a package, which can act as a smart diary or journal
> to help me remember the records of small things, such as "obtain a
> licensed software, not installed yet", "uninstall the harden-client".
> Thanks ahead, lina

You can try the RedNotebook, which i am using for semi-daily notes or
GTG for Getting Things Gone style. The latest one is originally named
with Gnome in name, but it nice works without Gnome.

The nice can be the Orage - especially the VJOURNAL type (iCalendar)
items, but i never used this type of items here. BTW in last month i
was success to connect (and synchronize) the Orage to calendar server
via the python-vdirsyncer (not in Debian).

If you are using the Icedove for emails, you can try the Lightning
extension as calendar app, but i am not sure, if it supports the
VJOURNALs. But using the Icedove only for calendar is too heavy.

The Orage and The Icedove+Lightning both support reminders (sound,
popup window, etc).



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