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Re: In Squeeze replacing python version 2.6.6-13~bpo60+1 with version 2.6.6-3+squeeze7

On Fri 25 Apr 2014 at 21:14:16 -0400, Ken Heard wrote:

> Next was the smoke test; I ran command "sh hplip-3.14.4.run".  It ran
> through successfully all the steps except one; it could not install
> package cupsys-bsd because that package does not exist in Squeeze --
> it is succeeded by cups-bsd.  When hplip-3.14.4.run got to the
> "Printer setup" section it returned the message "error: hp-setup
> failed. Please run hp-setup manually" and closed down.

Getting to "Printer setup" implies the software compiled, so it looks
like the python setup on your machine is sufficiently sensible. Why is
cupsys-bsd wanted? ~/hplip-3.14.4/installer/distros.dat clearly states
that Debian 6.0 uses cups-bsd (which is what gets downloaded here).
Install it with apt-get? Try out the hp-* commands which should now be
on your system? Re-compile using "custom"?

(cups-bsd is a purely optional package to use with cups. Printing works
without it).

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