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Re: Systemd

Le 25.04.2014 15:59, Chris Angelico a écrit :
On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 11:31 PM, Joel Rees <joel.rees@gmail.com> wrote:

We can expect a fork in the kernel fairly soon, about as soon as certain leaders in the community are confident they can make the current main branch
the meaningless one going forward.

I'm a user, not a kernel dev, and definitely not someone who's majorly
into politics. A few years ago, unsatisfied with sysvinit, I started
installing Upstart on all my Debian systems, and apart from being
unable to use "apt-get dist-upgrade" (which asks to remove upstart and
reinstall sysvinit), everything worked fine. Now, with Debian Jessie
on the way, I've started learning systemd, because Upstart is
apparently a dead end, and systemd is the way to go.

Please, can someone explain - without too much on the politics, if
that's possible - whether it's right for me to invest time into
learning systemd? I get very tired of the endless arguments (Open
Office vs Libre Office, cdrecord vs wodim, ffmpeg vs avconv - at least
in those cases, the replacement is mostly drop-in), and frankly, I
have a highly pragmatic approach to my init system: it should boot my
system, and it should be possible for me to configure a program to be
invoked. So is systemd the future,

My opinion is that major distributions will not change every day their init systems, so I guess systemd administration can be reliably learned.

That some users like this, or not, do not change the fact that they do not decide for maintainers.

or are we going to have another massive argument?

It's like discussing about new versions of gnome. I would be surprised if no trolling follows in this thread, sooner or later.


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