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Q: LDAP on Debian easy/short way


is there an alternative for next book on LDAP (this book is good but quite outdated -- 2003)


Particularly I am interested in next

1. [+] installation of slapd (accomplished)
2. [+] configuration of security (SASL/TLS [gnutls/openssl] -- acomplished)
3. [+] creating user accounts (accomplished)
4. [+] libnss and pam (acomplished)
5. [-] integration with samba
6. [-] integration with radius
7. [-] automount (what schema to use? nisautomount / automount)

I did search on internet and found many sources for configuring LDAP server. Much of information is or outdated or not complete.

Any reference to an URL covering above mentioned points is greatly appreciated. Or if somebody could provide a URL for "HowTo: LDAP server on Debian easy/short way" your input would be greatly appreciated.

NOTE: configuration of slapd by editing /etc/ldap/slapd.conf is considered "outdated" is there a document with good explanation of "modern way" with good examples


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