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Re: In Squeeze replacing python version 2.6.6-13~bpo60+1 with version 2.6.6-3+squeeze7

On Ma, 22 apr 14, 23:49:42, Ken Heard wrote:
> Is there a way to replace python and python-minimal version
> 2.6.6-13~bpo60+1 with version 2.6.6-3+squeeze7 without destroying
> anything else?

This situation probably qualifies for using dpkg directly. Beware, what 
I'm suggesting below is dangerous and untested. If it breaks your system 
you get to keep the parts.

0. Make sure your packages are ok

    dpkg --audit

1. Confirm which packages need to be downgraded

    aptitude search '?narrow(?installed,?origin(backports))'

2. Make sure you have all needed debs downloaded locally, *in advance*.

For safety you should probably also have the debs of packages currently 
installed so you can revert if something goes wrong.

If you didn't clean apt's cache these will be in 
/var/cache/apt/archives, otherwise download them from 

3a. use dpkg --force-depends to remove python and python-minimal

    dpkg --force-depends --purge python python-minimal

3b. use dpkg to install the stable versions

    dpkg --install <stable deb files>

Alternatively you can also use

    dpkg --force-downgrade --install <stable deb files>

but my feeling is that purging and installing is safer.    

4. Check with 'dpkg --audit' that everything is ok.

Hope this helps,
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