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Re: In Squeeze replacing python version 2.6.6-13~bpo60+1 with version 2.6.6-3+squeeze7

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On 2014-04-23 03:00, Andrei POPESCU wrote:

> On Ma, 22 apr 14, 23:49:42, Ken Heard wrote:
>> Is there a way to replace python and python-minimal version 
>> 2.6.6-13~bpo60+1 with version 2.6.6-3+squeeze7 without
>> destroying anything else?
> This situation probably qualifies for using dpkg directly. Beware,
> what I'm suggesting below is dangerous and untested. If it breaks
> your system you get to keep the parts.
> 0. Make sure your packages are ok
> dpkg --audit

Command returned nothing.

> 1. Confirm which packages need to be downgraded
> aptitude search '?narrow(?installed,?origin(backports))'

This command also returned nothing.

> 2. Make sure you have all needed debs downloaded locally, *in
> advance*.

Do you mean creating a local repository for the two debs I need,
adding that repository to /etc/apt/sources.list and running apt-get
update?  The two packages I want to install are already in the squeeze

> For safety you should probably also have the debs of packages
> currently installed so you can revert if something goes wrong.
> If you didn't clean apt's cache these will be in 
> /var/cache/apt/archives,

That directory contains only 123 deb files; obviously many more than
125 are currently installed.  I have never consciously cleaned the
cache.  Does something in a chron file perhaps clean it periodically?

> otherwise download them from snapshot.debian.org.

I looked at the website, it would be quite an effort to find a date
which would cover the current state of all packages installed in the
box.  I would doubtless miss many.

> 3a. use dpkg --force-depends to remove python and python-minimal
> dpkg --force-depends --purge python python-minimal

If I understand it correctly, --force-depends will warn me of broken
dependencies only; it will not remove package chains which will not
work when those two packages are removed.

> 3b. use dpkg to install the stable versions
> dpkg --install <stable deb files>

As the two files I want are already in old stable (squeeze), and that
is where /etc/apt/sources.list points to, surely all I would need to
do is merely list them.

> Alternatively you can also use
> dpkg --force-downgrade --install <stable deb files>
> but my feeling is that purging and installing is safer.

Probably, but setting up a reverting backup as you described does not
inspire confidence.  Perhaps it would be better to do without printing
- -- I do not have another printer -- until I can upgrade to Wheezy in a
month or two.  I could live with that option but with bad grace.

> 4. Check with 'dpkg --audit' that everything is ok.
> Hope this helps, Andrei

Regards, Ken
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