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Re: Why pack open movie editor is not in the repositories?

On 23/04/14 12:42, Marco Flores wrote:
>     <<<
>     1. Why pack open movie editor is not in the repositories? I consider
>     it an indispensable program and best video editor.

"Pack Open Movie Editor"?
Never heard of it....  Do you mean "Open Movie Editor"?
It's in Sid - but only for m68k platform, and in and old-stable
(Squeeze) for all platforms.

Why is it not available for other architectures or in Wheezy
(current-stable)? Don't know - ask the maintainer. You can install it
from upstream, I've never liked it, too flakey (frequent crashes) and
not enough features (very basic).
OpenShot, Kdenlive, Cinerlerra and others are good. You may find
OpenShot does the same (basic) editing as Open Movie Editor, just better
supported and more, um, stable, in Debian.

File a bugreport wish list if you want Open Movie Editor packaged.
*R*equest *F*or *P*ackage https://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/requested

>     2. In the stable and unstable version, there is no way to work
>     properly with privoxy tor network.

Really? Please post etc/privoxy/config
I've had no problems, I use it with polipo on Wheezy (current-stable).

>     3. In the stable and unstable version, only polipo_1.0.4.1-4 can be
>     configured to connect to the tor network.>>>

Again, I've had no problems.
Have you filed a bug report?

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