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Re: Well I am in XFCE for right now since LDXE keeps crapping out


Dňa Mon, 21 Apr 2014 23:51:33 -0500 "c. marlow" <chris@marlows.org>

> DOES NOT WORK....... I can still log in and they're in a different
> order everytime...

I am using the XFCE from time when 4.8 was in testing (more precise,
when KDE 4.1 came to testing) and i never saw this. I am sure, that
mistake is somewhere in your PC, perhaps some conflicts with LXDE - in
mean missing some package from XFCE and used from LXDE?

> it says I am using xfce 4.8 right now fully up to date...

It seems as Debian stable?

> Im so exhausted I just about give up on Linux, just about ready to
> scrape up the money, go to walmart and buy me a Windows Machine.. In
> the last week I have tried LMDE both made and cinnamon

The money reason to switch to Linux? Understand i properly? Only for
money? IMHO bad choice, free software is about freedom, not about

> now, Debian Xfce ( just removed all of LXDE's packages in synaptic
> instead of reformatting) and LXDE.

Sounds good. I did this more times (mostly while testing new Debian
releases in VBox), but sometime a go to troubles, due forgotten/missing
packages. To solve this is time consumed task - ff the PC has not a lot
of custom settings/data yet i can to suggest to start from new

But it is good start to learn more and try to solve this by
investigating packages dependencies. To find, if the installed
packages are the first (higher priority by default) from  XFCE
packages :-)



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