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Re: LXDE dies when opening " File Manager"

On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 3:03 PM, c. marlow <chris@marlows.org> wrote:
> On Mon, 2014-04-21 at 15:00 -0500, c. marlow wrote:
>> In the post MSCORE fonts, I talked about how all of a sudden my desktop
>> icons just went away when in synaptic, to Ralf, and I had to reboot to
>> get the computer to show my desktop icons again.
>> Well it just did it again........
>> I opened the FILEMANAGER icon on my desktop, opened a local folder,
>> then when closing it...... I saw the top title bar on the screen 5
>> times.... like frozen on the screen....and the screen went all grey and
>> I couldnt do anything.
>> I had to kill PCMANFM via task manager, then log out because the pc was
>> trying to freeze and there was no desktop icons
>> Log back in and everything is fine again for a couple hours. Oh, I
>> havent installed the NVIDIA drivers yet... Could that be it? Why would
>> PCMANFM just go crazy like that? on my desktop, the icon is a picture of
>> a grey or silver file cab.
>> Just installed debian yesterday....... Please help
>> Thank you,
>> Christopher
> Here is a screenshot of the crash in action....... I am glad I was able
> to get this screenshot before everything died...
> http://i886.photobucket.com/albums/ac69/CMAR606/Debian%20Mail%
> 20List/Screenshotfrom2014-04-21145330.png
> Christopher


Here we go again..... Couple hours later, ldxe takes a dump in Deb Wheeze...

First this happens:

Then I log out and back in:

But once I CTRL + PRINT SCREEN + K to restart X everything fine for a
couple hours till it happens again :( I just am frustrated I dont know
what to do. Just installed DEB yesterday.


( and why webmail is top posting I dont know.....) In Evolution it
knows to post at the bottom.. I guess I have to copy and past
everything to the bottom?)


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