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LXDE dies when opening " File Manager"

In the post MSCORE fonts, I talked about how all of a sudden my desktop
icons just went away when in synaptic, to Ralf, and I had to reboot to
get the computer to show my desktop icons again. 

Well it just did it again........

I opened the FILEMANAGER icon on my desktop, opened a local folder,

then when closing it...... I saw the top title bar on the screen 5
times.... like frozen on the screen....and the screen went all grey and
I couldnt do anything.

I had to kill PCMANFM via task manager, then log out because the pc was
trying to freeze and there was no desktop icons

Log back in and everything is fine again for a couple hours. Oh, I
havent installed the NVIDIA drivers yet... Could that be it? Why would
PCMANFM just go crazy like that? on my desktop, the icon is a picture of
a grey or silver file cab. 

Just installed debian yesterday....... Please help

Thank you,

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