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Re: Debian Noob and MSCORE fonts

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On 21/04/14 11:55, c. marlow wrote:
> Hello I am new to PLAIN DEBIAN
> I am using LXDE and I am looking on how to install the mscorettf
> fonts. It was easy to install in LMDE and in Ubuntu but in plain
> debian I do not see any MSCORE-TTF package at all I think is the name
> of it. In Ubuntu and LMDE there is a meta package for the MS fonts.
> but not in plain debian?

Ubuntu uses the same package, with the same name.

I'm not sure what you mean to say by "plain" Debian. Maybe you mean
"Debian" as opposed to "not Debian, but made from it, or using a same
package management system". Generally it's helpful if you state which
release of Debian you are using.

> Thanks for the help, Christopher

apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer
(or use aptitude, or synaptic, or whatever).

Kind regards


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