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Re: Sun/Oracle Java

Hi folks,

On 16/04/14 11:49, Luis Eduardo Cortes wrote:
Googling I've found this article:


Hope this is helpful for you.


On 16/04/14 13:34, Scott Ferguson wrote:> On Wheezy you can make a debian package of the latest java.
> It "just works".
> ...
> Kind regards

On 16/04/14 15:16, Frank Weißer wrote:> Hi Oliver!
> Facing the same problem a while ago, i somewhere found a hint to add
> deb http://www.duinsoft.nl/pkg debs all
> to sources.list. Don't remember from where, but it works for me on
> debian testing.
> readU
> Frank

Thank you all so much for your prompt, and lucid help! Just had a quick read of the links etc, and it looks easily manageable.



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