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unpack error

I installed youtube-dl on the Sid installation tonight
and noticed a dpkg error  which didn't halt the process.

This is what happened:

Selecting previously unselected package libavdevice53:i386.
(Reading database ... 147371 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack .../libavdevice53_6%3a9.11-3+b2_i386.deb ...
Unpacking libavdevice53:i386 (6:9.11-3+b2) ...
Selecting previously unselected package libavfilter3:i386.
Preparing to unpack .../libavfilter3_6%3a9.11-3+b2_i386.deb ...
Unpacking libavfilter3:i386 (6:9.11-3+b2) ...
Selecting previously unselected package libav-tools.
Preparing to unpack .../libav-tools_6%3a9.11-3+b2_i386.deb ...
dpkg: error: --compare-versions takes three arguments: <version> <relation> <version>

Type dpkg --help for help about installing and deinstalling packages [*];
Use 'apt' or 'aptitude' for user-friendly package management;
Type dpkg -Dhelp for a list of dpkg debug flag values;
Type dpkg --force-help for a list of forcing options;
Type dpkg-deb --help for help about manipulating *.deb files;

Options marked [*] produce a lot of output - pipe it through 'less' or 'more' !
Unpacking libav-tools (6:9.11-3+b2) ...

Is this a major problem? I ask because the installation went ahead
without aborting.

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