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Re: Heartbleed (was ... Re: My fellow (Debian) Linux users ...)

On 14/04/14 23:31, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> > BTW, you shouldn't focus only on banks either. There are a lot of
>> > popular services that use free software a lot, some of which happen to
>> > include payment functionality.
> I did not "focusing on banks".  I replied to Chris Bannister's statement
> regarding *his bank*, which you snipped, again intentionally deleting
> context in order to be a contradictarian.

Chris, like me, appears to be in New Zealand.

The only local bank I've heard any info about is Kiwibank, who are
apparently not vulnerable due to running their systems on Windows.

I believe at least one local bank runs most of their stuff on Linux, but
I haven't heard anything from them.

Perhaps (some of the) banks are a bit smaller here, and don't
necessarily run to the mainframes used elsewhere.

I certainly wouldn't jump to conclusions that they're a bank therefore
they use IBM mainframes therefore they don't use OpenSSL therefore
they're invulnerable, and I wish that they'd tell us either way.


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