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Q: Squeeze - debmirror 1:2.4.5 / Bug #673444 : not fetch Translation files


due limited traffic from my ISP (200GB/month) I've decided to make own mirror for Debian "wheeze".

A quick search brought my attention to "debmirror" utility. After a couple days of download I had local mirror for "wheeze" and "wheeze-updates".

Shortly after the mirror was ready I configured Apache to serve files, DHCP server and "preceed.cfg" to make automatic installation over network utilizing PXE boot.

After a little struggle to make everything right to be able install OS and packages I found that installation process "stops to inform me that i18n translation files are missing" in wheeze-updates. My inspection of wheeze-updates/main directory confirmed that directory i18n is missing.

My further investigation brought my attentions to bug #673444 (Maintainer: Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>) in regard missing translation files.


So, it looks like Squeezy still has debmirror version which is affected by this bug.

dpkg -l | grep debmirror
ii  debmirror         1:2.4.5

For the moment I've added a block of code to my script to sync mirror which resolves the issue

------ Begin my_mirror.sh ------------------------


# Translation files fix
# Description:
#       Older version of debmirror does not copy a
#       directory if file "Index" is missing. In this
#       particular case client will not find directory
#       "Translation-en" as "dists/wheeze-updates/main/i18n"
#       directory misses "Index" file.
# Bugs: #673444
# Note:
#       Newer version of debmirror relies on "Packages.gz"
#       file instead of "Index" and do not have this problem.



[ -d ${DIR} ] && rm -f ${DIR}

wget -r -nH -P here ${URL}

cp -r ${DIR_TMP} ${MIRROR}

rm -r here

------ End my_mirror.sh --------------------------

What is the best way to address this issue? Contact the maintainer? Use backports?



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