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Re: AMD Graphics on Debian 7.4

On 04/13/2014 02:27 PM, ray wrote:
Am I missing something here? I found an alternative at: https://wiki.debian.org/Installing_ATI_fglrx_legacy_with_latest_kernel This is a year old but it addressing building the driver package. Is there any problem with this approach? Thanks for all the input, Ray Ray
Do you have Synaptic installed?? Use that to hunt down and install your packages. If the wheezy version fails you then try the run package ...as a last resort. Or, upgrade to jessie to legally get the latest and greatest. That is what I did to get the newer versions of my nVidia drivers and VLC. As a plus, you stay within the deb package scheme of things. Just make darn sure you do the upgrade in text terminal mode, with X stopped totally. Ric


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