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Re: AMD Graphics on Debian 7.4

On Saturday 12 April 2014 15:38:14 ray wrote:
> OK, I tried:
> Generating package: Debian/stable
> ./packages/Debian/ati-packager.sh: 1:
> ./packages/Debian/ati-packager.sh: dpkg-architecture: not found

> ****Error: unsupported architecture:**** 
(my stars)

I haven't been reading this properly.  Sorry. :-(  Are your distro, 
your driver and your CPU all the same architecture?  It is 
complaining about the architecture, not the distro version.

Have you got multiarch installed?

It *was* complainung about the distro version:

Generating package: Debian/experimental
Error: Distro Version entered incorrectly or not supported, 
use --listpkg to identify valid distro versions

Anyhow, it looks as though you do indeed need Wheezy - you have got 
one step further down the line, it has accepted your distro version 
and is now complaining about architecture.  Try installing multiarch.


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