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Re: Skype - no microphone input sound...

On 04/12/2014 08:26 PM, Man_Without_Clue wrote:
Is there anyone who is using Skype with no problem at all on Debian Wheezy 64 bit?

On 04/12/2014 12:13 AM, Man_Without_Clue wrote:
Hi all,

I don't know what really is going on and where to start this off.

For some reason Skype doesn't pick up microphone audio at all.

I set pulse audio and with other applications, microphone is working fine...

On Debian wheezy 64 bit

No clue, absolutely no clue...
As a prophylactic measure, from a command line type: padsp skype
which will firmly/forcefully put skype to pulse input/output. See what happens. Ric


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