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Re: Voice control

Hi Brian!

Am Sonntag, 13. April 2014, 05:21:09 schrieb brian:
> My wife has contracted RSD (otherwise known as CRPS) affecting her
> hands, and it's become very painful for her to use her PC. She can
> cope with a mouse, just, but typing is a major problem for her.
> Does anyone have any recommendations for (better yet, personal
> experience with) voice-to-text software? We're using Debian 7 64-bit.
> I know Dragon is the big name in the Windows world, so the fallback
> would be a Windows virtual machine and Naturally Speaking, but I'd
> like to stick with a Linux solution if it's possible.

I recommend looking at Simon listens:


I didn´t yet test it, but from what I saw it enables replacing keyboard and 
mouse by voice and is even used for home robotics.

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