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Re: AMD Graphics and Gnome on testing (Jessie)

On 12/04/14 02:20 PM, Bruno Schneider wrote:
I'm having trouble with the fglrx module on a notebook with Debian
testing (Jessie).

It was working well, then after a system upgrade on April 10, Gnome no
longer works. The upgrade included gnome, linux-kernel, xorg and
fglrx. By no long works, I mean:

Gdm3 no longer shows the list of users. It seem the notebook is on
graphics mode, but I can't interact with gdm3. I see a blank screen. I
can't find relevant errors on Xorg.0.log or .xession-errors.

If I go to a VT then enter "startx" I get the "Oh no! Something has
gone wrong." Gnome screen of death.

I tried reverting to the previously working fglrx version but that
didn't solve anything.

Welcome to the world of proprietary drivers. Every system update can break the driver. You can either use the open source driver or re-install the proprietary driver (if it works with the new kernel & xorg). I'd stick with the open source driver as long as you are running Debian/testing.

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