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AMD Graphics and Gnome on testing (Jessie)

I'm having trouble with the fglrx module on a notebook with Debian
testing (Jessie).

It was working well, then after a system upgrade on April 10, Gnome no
longer works. The upgrade included gnome, linux-kernel, xorg and
fglrx. By no long works, I mean:

Gdm3 no longer shows the list of users. It seem the notebook is on
graphics mode, but I can't interact with gdm3. I see a blank screen. I
can't find relevant errors on Xorg.0.log or .xession-errors.

If I go to a VT then enter "startx" I get the "Oh no! Something has
gone wrong." Gnome screen of death.

I tried reverting to the previously working fglrx version but that
didn't solve anything.

Bruno Schneider

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